Netgame Tournament
1 tournament point = 0.3 EUR
real money bet
Tournament start in:
prize pool

Netgame Tournament Terms & Conditions

  1. The tournament starts on 11.07.2024 at 00.01 (GMT) and ends on 17.07.2024 at 23.59 (GMT).
  2. The prize pool is €2000.
  3. Monetary prizes shall be played through 3 times.
  4. If a player makes bets in a currency different from EUR, the awards will be issued in the player’s currency.
  5. Each €0.3 (or currency equivalent) real money bet brings 1 tournament point.
  6. Bets are available for the following games: Elephant's Gold: Bonus Combo, Big Catch Bonanza:Perfect Haul, Big Catch Bonanza: Bonus Buy, Rich Piggies: Bonus Combo, Buffalo Cash Pool, Luck of Tiger: Bonus Combo, Carnival Cat: Bonus Combo, Big Banker Bonanza, Cash Vaults: Hold 'n' Link, Bunny's Bounty: Hold`n`Link
  7. In cases of equal scores then the players who achieved them first are ranked higher on the leaderboard.
  8. Eligible players are ranked based on tournament points.
  9. The leaderboard rankings will be based on the bet amount.
  10. The awards will be added automatically within 12 hours after the tournament ends.
  11. The top twelve players on the leaderboard will share a €2000 cash prize.
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